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Sebastiaan Swinkels

Wishing everyone a happy 2013!

By General

I’m grabbing this opportunity to wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2013, with lots of good coffee and food, successful tinkering projects and hopefully a couple of interesting posts.

I have a couple of New Years resolutions as well, first of all I’m going to make pictures for this blog with my actual camera again instead of using the one on the back of my iPhone (I have a few drafts that have iPhone pics still though). I’ve also decided to post more on here and on the other blog I run.

Restored Mazzer and La Pavoni Professional

Restoring a used and abused Mazzer Super Jolly

By Coffee, Current Projects, DIY, Espresso, Grinding

I’ve been looking for ways to get more consistant shots of espresso from my La Pavoni Professional and one of the few things that kept holding me back was the quality of the grounds. Knowing full well that my¬†Nemox Lux was already producing the best grounds it could, I started looking for a new grinder. I found my grail in Italy, read on for the full story.
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Adjust the La Pavoni manometer

By Coffee, DIY

Ever since I picked up my La Pavoni Professional it bothered me that the manometer always showed 0.4 bars of pressure even though the machine was turned off, the boiler was completely cold and there was no (residual) pressure in the boiler. Even when I disassembled it to replace all the gaskets it still showed 0.4 bars of pressure. When another member of the Kaffee-Netz forum mentioned the exact same phenomena I thought we both needed new manometers. But we really didn’t…

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DIY La Pavoni Steam wand Nozzle

By Coffee, DIY

I’ve had mixed success using the standard La Pavoni Professional steam wand to create the illustrious microfoam with regular milk. The La Pavoni comes with a 3 hole nozzle (see pictures). To get decent microfoam you need to be able to direct where the steam goes. The simple fact that the standard nozzle has 3 holes all pointing in different directions makes it virtually impossible to direct the steam into a single direction.

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Nemox Lux Stepless Mod

By Coffee, DIY, Espresso, Grinding

First things first

(if you just want to know how i modded my Nemox Lux, just skip ahead!)

Over the last couple of months I’ve jumped headfirst into the new (to me) world of coffee, espresso more specifically. Trying to save money without cutting too many corners I’ve been browsing the web for weeks on end trying to figure out what kind of espresso machine to buy. Eventually I came across a cheap but beautiful La Pavoni Professional. Now it gets tricky…

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